Rebecca Krebs
BSc, Ost.Med, DN

Rebecca Krebs is a registered osteopath, qualifying in 1997.  She works structurally using manipulation and massage as well as using the cranial approach, a very subtle and gentle technique that is particularly effective on babies and children. She more recently qualified in applied kinesiology, a system of muscle testing which can help diagnose the cause of a condition, and dry needling which uses acupuncture needles for treating muscles and joints.

What can you expect when visiting me? I take a full case history on the first consultation followed by an examination. I then make a diagnosis from the information I have gathered before gently releasing the stresses and strains in the body using a variety of manipulative techniques. The treatment aims to restore the state of balance and ease to the movement and function of the spine. Osteopathy treats the whole person not just conditions and thus a very wide variety of different problems can be helped.

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